Autism Services


The development of programs and continuum of services to be offered to students identified as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) within the public school setting, requires a wide variety of educational approaches and methodologies.

Development of District Wide Autism Programming

  • daily consultation by a BCBA
  • development of data collection systems
  • implementation of data-driven and systematic interventions
Autism Program

FBA/BIP Consultation

  • BCBAs and psychologists at CBH will collect and analyze data to write a Functional Behavioral Assessment.
  • If appropriate, a comprehensive Behavior Intervention Plan will be written.
  • The school team will be trained on all interventions outlined in both of these documents.

Various Trainings

  • Discrete Trial Instruction
  • Effective Antecedent Manipulations
  • Differential Reinforcement

RBT Staff for ABA Classrooms

  • CBH will provide RBT Staff for ABA Classrooms to assist with behavioral challenges.


We are dedicated to help support families and school districts to ensure the most appropriate educational programming possible for children with ASD.